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Ms. Perfect ft. Islove

Dunny Brazz

Ms. Perfect ft. Islove


Dunny Brazz - Ms Perfect " WWW.DUNNYBRAZZ.COM "

Download the album at: http://bit.ly/yTXVqz

Prod by Nuthin But Hits LLC - Mixed by Gee - re-Mastered by Phil Demetro

© 2013 Dunn Deal/Open Chords/Nuthin But Hits LLC

Dunny Brazz started as half of the production team "NBH L.L.C.", which produced for major artists of the music industry. The LP is about his journey in the venues of the cutthroat music industry. He was the kid in a neighborhood where some youngsters were influenced by drug dealers and pimps; as they strove to become those influences, Dunny Brazz took the art route and avoided the street life.He became the OG's (OriginalGangsters) dream -- Living a successful life without succumbing to a life of crime.

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