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Expo: Chris Dyer - Skateshrooms Entrevue et photos par ViRulent

Entretien avec Chris Dyer lors de sa plus récente exposition au skate shop LeDep (1201, rue Saint-Dominique), en bordure du Peace Park et de ce qui reste du Red-Light District de Montréal.


DISQC: I saw that you have a Wikipedia page. You're really official.

Chris Dyer: Well, yeah, I guess you gotta be everywhere now to be legitimate in this world. I guess my intern made a page for me. And yeah, it's good, it's a good way to get the art out there for different people.


I got a lot of information on this page... You've been to the University and three different Colleges, did you like going to school a lot ?

Yeah, aspects of it. Not that I LOVED going to school, but I learned a lot and I had fun. I was in clubs, I found myself, I met cool people, I enjoyed my school days. I enjoy NOT being in school anymore... Even though now I teach in schools.


Oh, so you're now an art teacher ?

In Spring I'll do workshops at high schools. For example, I just came back from New York where I taught a workshop on spray painting. You know, just little things...


You took part in the first edition of the Mural Festival on St-Laurent blvd this summer. You did a three floors high building. Was that your biggest wall ever ?

Yeah, by far, that was my biggest wall.


How was the Mural experience in general ?

It was great. I was super blessed that they would give me such a big wall and a machine to, you know, get up and there, and the paint, and extra pale... It was perfectly what I love to do when it comes to painting.


Did you met some artists that you were looking for ?

Yeah, like, definitely. It was a pleasure to meet different artists like myself, from different places, who live off going around doing murals. I don't know if, like, making murals around the world is what I want to do, but it's interesting to see how other artists find their flow, you know. So it's good, yeah, I had fun.


Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep


What's you favourite surface to paint on ? You do walls, skate boards, canvas...

I dunno if I got a favourite, like, it depends on the moment. Everything changes. I get bored of things so I like to switch it up all the time.


What about spray paint vs. paint brush ?

Depends. Some days I would just want to go quick with the spray paint and other days I just want to stay indoors for months and do the paint brush. Depends on my mood.


Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep


The exhibition tonight is called "Skateshrooms". So I guess you like Skateboarding and Mushrooms ?

Yeahhhh. Like, for me, coming up with a name for a show, it's always the toughest thing. So I just picked something really stupid. People, when they saw the mural I did [on LeDep's inside wall], they said like "Dudeeeee, this mural would be awesome on shrooooms". I thought that was hilarious, so I just thought I'd call it "Skateshrooms". I don't really do shrooms really often, but when I used to do psychedelics, that was my favourite one. And yeah, I still skate.


You do visionary art, street art and skateboard art... What's "visionary art" ?

Well, it's a movement of art, mostly from the West coast. That's, basically, in a nutshell, positive spiritual art... Very based on festivals like Burning Man... It's visions of a different dimension !


Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep


You were born in Ottawa, but grew up in Lima, Peru. You travelled to 27 different countries, you had art exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, NY, LA... So, at the end of the day, why are you based in Montreal ?

Oh, I don't know... 'Cause Montreal is awesome! And it's cheap, and it's fun, and I just love it. I don't want to move to an other city that's more expensive and full of ego... Mont-Real man, it doesn't get any better.


You're the brand manager for Creation Skateboards. How is it to work for a brand based in San Francisco, while living in Montreal ? Is there some conflicts... ?

No, it's all good. With the Internet, you talk with people... Like, my graphic designer, he's in Montreal, I still got to e-mail him back and forth. It doesn't really matter where he is. As long as we all do our part. It's all good.


How did it happen tho ?

Well, I've been doing graphics for them since 2004. I just proposed my art, they liked it, it sold well, they got more, then my art sort of became the face of their brand and then, eventually after like 8 years, they asked me to be the brand manager and for the last 2 years I've be doing that.


Do you hang out a lot around the Peace Park and LeDep ?

Not tons, I come to visit here once in a while, but I'm just mostly travelling or in my office painting. I don't hang out too much, unfortunately.

Thanks to LeDep Skate Shop for opening their walls.


Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep

Chris Dyer solo art show at Le Dep


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